Seeds of Hope is avaliable for purchase on DVD for home use, community screenings and academic institutions. 




Home Use DVD
This is intended for individual use and home viewing only.

If you do not want to want to pay online, please contact us for alternative payment methods. 


Shipment to the UK: £15.99 + £1.88 (second class postage) for shipping and packaging.





Shipment to Europe: £15.99 + £3.70 for shipping and packaging.





Shipment Worldwide (areas outside of the UK & Europe): £15.99 + £4.75 for shipping and packaging.



All shipping costs are according to figures found online as of February 2015 and will be updated accordingly 





Community screenings and Academic Use 


If you are interested in bringing Seeds of Hope to your community by organising a screening or purchasing for an academic institution for inclusion in library collections, please contact the filmmaker Fiona Lloyd-Davies directly: